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November 26, 2013
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Shakuni - The Sorcerer King of Gandhara by molee Shakuni - The Sorcerer King of Gandhara by molee
Shakuni - the Sorcerer king of Gandhara!!

Shakuni ruled the kingdom of Gandhara after his father, king Suvala.
In today's time, Gandhara lies in Afghanistan.

Shakuni's name means "bird" or "sparrow" and the name of his son Uluka means "owl" .For some reason many of his family members have names based on birds.

He was also conversant in 100 different illusions like the rakshasa Gatothkacha. But from what I have read it is evident hat he wasn't as skillful as the rakshasa.

a note on Shakuni from my earlier post:

Shakuni's brothers were very much alive and also fought int he Mahabharata war. Six of them Gaya, Gavaksha, Vrishava, Charmavat, Arjava, and Suka rushed towards Iravat(Arjuna's son through a Naga princess) in the battlefield but only Vrishava survived.. but he too was killed in war.
His other two brothers Achala and Vrishaka died fighting Arjuna in the battlefield.
Sakuni's brothers, Sauvala ,Vrihadvala and Vrishaka were present in Draupadi's Swayamvara as well.
Also his father - Suvala, was very much alive and was also invited to Yuddhishthira's Rajasuya Yajna, and yes he attended it.

Shakuni had even more brothers who fought in the battlefield; unfortunately I haven't taken down all their names.

But the point here is that Shakuni never had any intention of revenge against the Kauravas and no his dice was not made of his father's thigh bone. He was completely loyal to the Kauravas and always advised them in their own interest.
His brothers were not kept imprisoned in a dungeon either.
Shakuni also did not limp... such a person would never be allowed to participate in war in the first place. His legs were completely fine!
He wasn't that old either.

source: original Mahabharata
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Your Work is always awesome!
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u made shakuni badass
dragnipurrake Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
I have a doubt about the dice, weren,t they made from the bones of Jarasandh (Bheem killed him or rather torn him in two parts with his bare hands). It is said that the fear of bheem seeped into very bones of Jarasandh. So during the gamblling incident, the kauravas would pass a sly remark right before throwing the dice and when bheem would roar his defiance the dice would quiver and roll some more against his favour.

wating for your decription molee...........grand art btw.
molee Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
not really.. shakuni was a sorcerer him-self so he could manipulate the dice with magic.
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Molee how can i get this pic in hd
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...I feel like I should be backing away slowly from this guy.
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This is a better representation of Shakuni. 

The original trickster.

Nice Work
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Brilliant!!! Never seen Shakuni like this.... Awesome Imagination Man......
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