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Indra and Aditi

The word "Aditi" means "unbound" or in other words "liberty".
She is the mother of the Adityas and goddess of cosmic reality and time.
Aditi was the most revered goddess in ancient India but in today's time she has been diminished to a mere wife of a sage. 

the artwork is inspired from the verses below:

Aditi is sky, and air's mid-region, Aditi is the father, son, and mother,
Aditi is all the Gods and the Five Nations, Aditi is what is now and what is future.
We call for help the Queen of Law and Order, great mother of all those whose ways are righteous,
Far-spread, unwasting, strong in her dominion, Aditi wisely leading, well protecting.
Sinless may we ascend, for weal, the vessel, rowed with good oars, divine, that never leaketh,
Earth, our strong guard, incomparable Heaven, Aditi wisely leading, well protecting.
Let us bring hither, in pursuit of riches, Aditi with our word,the mighty mother,
Her in whose lap the spacious air is lying: may she afford us triply-guarding shelter!

- Atharva-Veda, Mandala 7, Sukta 6(Translation by Ralph Griffith)

On the day on which you were born oh Indra, you did drink at will the mountain-abiding nectar, Soma, for your youthful mother,Aditi,in the dwelling of your sire,gave it to you before she gave the breast.
- Rig-Veda, Mandala 3, Sukta 48.


the artwork is copyrighted 



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Anirudh Sainath
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PhoenixPrithivi Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
All Your Arts are Awesome :happybounce: 

Am from #India :love: 
Pappadam Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
A scene for your to draw if you want.  Bali riding Uchaishravas leading Daityas (dark colored) and Danavas (white colored) flying up to the sky.  Sky opening up with thunder and lightning and Deva army rushing down with Skanda, Garuda, Indra and Devas etc.  Deva asura armies about to clash in the middle.  
mrinalmech Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
Bhai, you do commissions? What are your rates?
om0311 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
hi neetesh here, dude first of all i would like to tell you i just love your art and not just your art the info as well what you provide below it.... its a great and modern way to communicate and addify our thousand years of cultural heritage so just hats off to you for that.........

But regarding your comment about KARN dude I have to disagree.....i dont know from where or from which source you have such information but  judging from your previous work you must have some solid base for it no doubt but i would like to tell you that regarding mahabharat and its characters  you cannot form an opinion just by reading one book its just so large and intricate that you have to go for various sources to come at one conclusion.

things which i found imprecise and need some correction as per my knowledge.......
1) Reguarding his training - its absolutely true that karn was not neglected by drona for martial art training under his camp only at the request of dhritrashtra obviously because of his fondness     and unquestionable service of  adhirat BUT he was rejected to receive special training for devi astra which was given and received only by upper caste which is ridiculous and that was the           reason why he went to pashuram and vowed that he would  one day return and claim  the title of best archer.

2) Lying about his lineage - U said that Karn is a liar and if he would have  been truthful about his lineage he would still have received training under parashuram since he already trained bhisma     who was a kshatriya this is wrong  as well because of parashuram's vow after his fight with bhisma. He vowed that he will never train any kshatriya and will only train brahmin because bhisma forcefully     abducted shikhandani at  her swayamver and that is the reason karn told him that his name is bhrigusen and he is a bhramin from bhrigukul 

om0311 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015

3) Donation to Indra - Buddy regarding it i would like to mention that two boons were given by indra because he asked for two things from karn his kavach and kundal. vaijayamti astra and his     appearance restoration. Now i would like to tell you how it happened. As we all know the deadliest weapon of that time was bhramastra and even that was ineffective against his armor as it     will not penetrate it so how does he removed it u said that he used the same weapon he got from indra this is wrong as     well because he got Vaijayanti asta which is devi  astra of  indra         specially designed to  kill specific target after removal of his kavach and kundal not before it. but even that was neither sufficient nor powerfull as bhramastra. So insted  indra told him to            insert a full knife     in his mouth which will force his               kavach to crack open  like a shell then peel and cut it off from his skin which made his skin bleed and go black so he touched       him and made his           skin back to normal and afterwards he was         so ashmed of his doing  he asked karn for a boon and then he asked for a weapon to kill arjun so he presented him     with vaijayanti astra. let me tell you this as well after the donation indra       the great king of gods was awarded with  the title of chalia and he was so ashamed of his doing that '' indra ne              apna deh tyag diya'' . You said       that it was a trade as per your perception maybe it         was but it was a bad trade in which he lost sorely. who  does such a stupid trade i would definitely     not do it specially after receiving       specific warnings from sun god a day before the great           donation or trade as per your perception would you do it ? 

4) Draupadi's cheer haran - finally we have some common ground  on karn i guess.... if  you are still with me lol..... because nothin i say will justify what he said on that day and he will be             criticized  forever for it i know and even I will not take his side on this  but let me tell you one thing my friend  karn didnot bet his wife on chausar it was the great dharamveer yudhisthir           and the great pandavas who did it and   if you are so danveer that you think your wife as your property and are ready to bet on it then i guess you should also prepare yourself for the               consequences.

om0311 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015

5) Battle supiriority- buddy you seriously doubt karna's battle superiority.......... ok i dont want to compare between him and  arjun its impossible first and kind of stupid as well.. and karn if he was so           weak     that arjun could have defeated him easily why indra had to go and ask for his kavach and kundal and tainted his name he didnot ask bhisma  who had everlasting life or drona who       was the       master of every weapon for anything why him specifically? why kunti specifically asked karn that she wants her all 5 children to be alive at all cost? why krishna the god                 himself asked him only him to change his side and join pandavas not any one else that too in private ? why did he have to ask lord hanuman to protect the chariot on which he himself was       riding ? why he ordered arjun to shoot at   unarmed karn  who had no deviastra no kavach no kundal no astra at all if arjun was so skillfull he could have killed him anywhere anytime at           anymoment it doesnot matter weather he had a weapon or not. the truth is that my friend  lord krisna knew that if karn's chariot rose from that mud hole and if he took his bow again in         his hands devi astra or not it does not matter arjun will not be able to defeat him....

                                                        There are many other things  i can discuss with you in this matter of who is superior karna or arjun  or what he has done for the pandav's about his sacrifices but it matters not they are in the past now it will not make a difference but dude comparing him with shakuni thats just not done in the end i will just tell you one thing LORD KRISHNA as per my point of view is the most practical god of all the gods in Hinduism and if only half what you have said is true abour karn then i guess he would have never granted him his last wish the respect of agnidah by his hands. it was the greatest honor that no one received on kurukshetra not even bhisma or drona or anyone. 
                                           I have no right to ask you to do any thing its your your page but please if u can atleast edit your comment about karna i would feel highly obliged and dont put him in the same ranks with shakuni . and yeah one more time i would like to say that buddy you are doing great work keep doing it.....thanx bye buddy. 

molee Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Please read whole of Mahabharata(authentic/direct translation) from start to finish line by line.
There is only one Mahabharata, rest are fan-fictions based on it. 
I have no further replies for you. 
ElusiveCake Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indian? Professional Digital Artist?! Oh. My. Goodness. OwO
EndlessLoveEternally Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
Your artwork is epic. What inspires you about mythology and creatures/beings that are majestic and somewhat daunting?
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