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Thy Kingdom Come by molee
Thy Kingdom Come
"Who made thy mother a widow? Who has sought to slay the sleeping and the waking?
What god has been more gracious than you since you slew the father having seized him by his foot?!"

- Rig Veda, 4.18.12
Speaks the goddess Prithvi to her mighty son Indra(also known as son of heaven(Dyaus) and earth(Prithvi))

It is amazing to see how similar it is that Indra slew his father Dyaus(sky) who sought to slay him when a baby, like how the mighty Zeus(who's named after Dyaus/sky) overthrew Kronos(time) who sought to devour him.

But here the story symbolizes how Indra separates the once united Heaven and Earth, conquering the former and becomes the protector of the latter.

Which in turn is symbolic of how the Sun as the giver of life and rain(Indra as in this case) gives refuge to the earth(Prithvi) and conquers the sky(Dyaus).

Indra conquering Dyaus is also similar to Kronos(time) conquering  Ouranous(sky).

All in all ,this story surely will remind anyone familiar with Greek Mythology of how the Olymplians once overthrew the Titans.

The god of fire, Agni, says in  Rig Veda 10.124.3 and Rig Veda 10.124.4 :

"I behold the guest of another lineage, have founded many a rule of Law and Order.
I bid farewell to the Asura Father and, for neglect, obtain my share of worship."

"I have spent many years in this altar: I leave the Father for I prefer Indra.
Away pass Agni, Soma, Varuna for rule ever changes, this I come to favour."

The second passage reminds me of the tale of how after Zeus overthrows his father Kronos,
His brother Poseidon and Hades are released, who would have been the natural heir for they were born before Zeus, but Zeus is the king for he saves them.

But what is astonishing is that thought the story of Zeus is very similar to Indra, his name comes instead from Indra's father, Dyaus(heaven).
And the name of the Roman equal of Zeus: Jupiter, has come from Jove-Pater, which in turn is a parallel to Dyaus-Pita. What is more astonishing is that Jupiter is alternatively called Dies-Piter which is very similar to Dyaus-Pita.
In Latin , the word used for god or deity is Deus, which is again a parallel to the Vedic Dyaus.

The overthrowing of Dyaus in this case, may be an allusion to the worship of Dyaus coming to and end and the commencement of Indra's worship. Unfortunately there is not much in our scriptures about Dyaus other than his role as the Sky-Father who gets overthrown by Indra.
Rama by molee
Rama.. when god took birth as man.

all textures done by hand using a chalk brush and sometimes a hard rounded. no reference used

The artwork is based on description from Valmiki Ramayana:

Rama's matted hair:
Ayodhya kanda chapter 52, verse 67 and 68:

"I as such, wishing well of my father, Sita as well as Lakshmana and having taken up a discipline to be followed by ascetics, want to proceed further, wearing matted hair. Please bring the latex of a banyan tree."

"Guha immediately brought that latex to the prince. With that, Rama made matted hair to himself and to Lakshmana".

(note: Sita does not get her hair matted)

Rama's and Lakshmana's physique and features:

in Kishkinda kanda,chapter 3, verse 12-15:

When Hanuman sees Rama and Lakshmana for the first time:

"Eyes of yours are like fine lotus petals, are you superhuman?... nay, you wear tufts and braids, are you some undaunted human ascetics... nay, you look identical to each other, are you from some world of gods... nay, you are on earth, does this earth have a chance to receive Sun and Moon on her by her fortune... nay, are you some broad-chested deities in human form... lion-shouldered!, very powerful and vigorous like Sacred Bulls... who you might be...?"

"Also lengthy are your arms, and spherical are your shoulders, similar to maces... they are worthy for decoration with every kind of ornament, for what reason are they not decorated?"

Rama's deer skin and bark-cloth:

Rama says to his borther Bharata in Ayodhya kanda, chapter 101, verse 20

"The great king is the master, who has a discretion either to make me reside in the forest, wearing bark robes and a black antelope skin or to sit on the throne, O gentle brother!"

Indra by molee

This is Indra, the god of thunder/king of gods from Hindu mythology.
Have taken inspiration from the verses below

Rig Veda, Mandala 8, Sukta 45:

"As soon as the slayer of Vrtra was born, he seized an arrow and asked his mother "who are the wicked and who are the noble?" "

Rig Veda Mandala 8, Sukta 97:
"As soon as you were born o Indra, you were an enemy to those seven whom none had dared to be an enemy of; you recovered the heavens and the earth concealed in darkness and caused joy to the mighty worlds"

Samaveda, part 1, book 3, chapter 2:

"O Indra, If a hundred heavens and if a hundred earths were you; No, not even a hundred suns could match you at your birth, not the both wolrds, o wielder of the Thunderbolt! "

Indra and Aditi

The word "Aditi" means "unbound" or in other words "liberty".
She is the mother of the Adityas and goddess of cosmic reality and time.
Aditi was the most revered goddess in ancient India but in today's time she has been diminished to a mere wife of a sage. 

the artwork is inspired from the verses below:

Aditi is sky, and air's mid-region, Aditi is the father, son, and mother,
Aditi is all the Gods and the Five Nations, Aditi is what is now and what is future.
We call for help the Queen of Law and Order, great mother of all those whose ways are righteous,
Far-spread, unwasting, strong in her dominion, Aditi wisely leading, well protecting.
Sinless may we ascend, for weal, the vessel, rowed with good oars, divine, that never leaketh,
Earth, our strong guard, incomparable Heaven, Aditi wisely leading, well protecting.
Let us bring hither, in pursuit of riches, Aditi with our word,the mighty mother,
Her in whose lap the spacious air is lying: may she afford us triply-guarding shelter!

- Atharva-Veda, Mandala 7, Sukta 6(Translation by Ralph Griffith)

On the day on which you were born oh Indra, you did drink at will the mountain-abiding nectar, Soma, for your youthful mother,Aditi,in the dwelling of your sire,gave it to you before she gave the breast.
- Rig-Veda, Mandala 3, Sukta 48.


the artwork is copyrighted 



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Wow, man. You do fantastic art and your style is so cool! Gave a +fav !!
I would like to ask a question. Did you attend any design/finearts college? If yes, which one?
You see, I am planning to join a college soon!

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molee Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I joined Delhi College of Art, but then I dropped out in the second week by choice. 
that's about it. Then went to Amity Law School( my dad insisted I should give it a shot; he's a lawyer), dropped out in first semester, by choice again. 
I didn't go to college thereafter :)

Best fine-arts college I've heard in India is J.J.School of Arts.

Thanks for the kind words btw! :aww: 
rramphal Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015
Thank you for your vision. You are so amazing! Truly breathtaking.
molee Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
thanks! :aww:
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growing up Hindu myself as well as loving art, I've always wanted to do a series like yours.
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You should definitely give it a shot! :aww:
falkyno Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
definitely and do you know i can contact delhi based or other states of india based companies to freelance illustrate for, like some websites you've used to apply?
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All Your Arts are Awesome :happybounce: 

Am from #India :love: 
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thanks man! :aww:
Pappadam Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
A scene for your to draw if you want.  Bali riding Uchaishravas leading Daityas (dark colored) and Danavas (white colored) flying up to the sky.  Sky opening up with thunder and lightning and Deva army rushing down with Skanda, Garuda, Indra and Devas etc.  Deva asura armies about to clash in the middle.  
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